The Conjuring 2 and Infrasound in Movies

So I just saw a ‘warning poster’ on Facebook about how you shouldn’t go and see The Conjuring 2 because viewers felt a ‘strange presence’ during the movie. This is because of the use of infrasound, not a ghostly presence. It is perfectly safe to watch this film. Infrasound is any sound wave under 20 […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Change

A few months ago I posted the following… let’s call it rant, on Facebook. Why are people so annoyed about kids having technology and stuff that “they didn’t have”. Recent technological advances are incredible examples of human innovation – stop pretending you’re better than someone else because you don’t have a smartphone or use particular […]

Reasons to Stay Alive

Because sometimes we all need it… • The feeling in your chest when you hear your favourite song • Inside jokes • The sound of thunder • Laughing until you cry • Hugs • Late night adventures • Plot twists in books/movies • Finding the perfect pair of jeans • Seeing your friends smile • […]