Honey and Chocolate marbled cupcakes

Ingredients: Cakes: 300g (10oz) unsalted butter, at room temperature 300g (10oz) caster sugar a few drops of vanilla extract a pinch of salt 5 eggs 375g (13oz) plain flour 4 tsp baking powder 4 tbsp milk 20g (3/4oz) cocoa powder 2 tbsp honey Icing: 115g (4oz) unsalted butter, at room temperature 2 tbsp milk 1 […]

My Enemy’s Enemy

There are a lot of extreme opinions knocking about in today’s society. Made especially prominent by both the mainstream media and also social media. Sadly, in my experience, the most reliable way to obtain balanced and/or impartial coverage of events is through social media. Not because everyone is impartial, but because it is possible to see […]

Some Thoughts on Eurovision 2017

So last night during Eurovision I wrote out my internal monologue. Here’s how that went. Israel: oof tuning. Nice graphics. He winked I’m very uncomfortable. High note is good though. Dancing with hands in pockets is my aesthetic. Poland: dogs!!!!! V dramatic. Tone is a bit meh. Violinist yes please. Gravelly bits are good. Long […]

Vivaldi; The Man, The Myth, The Seasons

Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice in 1678 to Giovanni Battista Vivaldi and Camilla Calicchio. Antonio’s father taught him to play violin, being a professional violinist himself, and they then toured Venice together playing violin. It is thought that Vivaldi started playing at a very young age due to the musical knowledge he had gained by the […]

Nikola Tesla | An appreciation

Today, 10th July 2016, marks the 160th birthday of Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist and futurist. In a time where most of the world still relied on candles for their light, he pioneered the idea of alternating current (AC) which, to this day, is what powers every home […]