A Reflection on My Summer

Pretty much the first thing I did this summer was going on a 4-day taster course for music at Edge Hill University. I was hoping that the course would give me an insight into what it’s like to study music at uni. However, as the music group was so small – only 5 people – we didn’t have any lessons or lectures, we only recorded a cover of a song. This was still useful for me as it was good to experience a studio environment but it wasn’t as challenging as I had hoped due to the nature of recording violin accompaniment for a pop song.

We stayed in halls for the three nights we were there and honestly, that was the best thing about the trip for me. The other girls in my flat were all lovely and the rooms were amazing with huge, floor-to-ceiling windows in every room and a spacious kitchen/living room. Although it wasn’t what I expected it to be, I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience – especially meeting so many great people.

AS results day was… interesting. I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t happy with my results. Everything has turned out ok for now but I know I have to work extremely hard to get to where I need to be, not only next summer but also in order to apply to the universities I like.

For our family holiday this year we decided to rent a canal boat. Over a week we travelled from Goytre Wharf to Brecon and went to a lot of pubs (seriously the route was signposted by which pubs you could go to it was awesome). We also went to/saw three castles which was fantastic. I would recommend a boating holiday but only if you’re ok with a) possibly walking for ages to get dinner and b) at least one of your party to be working the whole time because steering the boat is surprisingly difficult and needs your full attention.

On the 1st of September, my sister and I went to Kings Cross station to celebrate the day of the 19 years later scene from Harry Potter. There were so many people there it was incredible. There was even a queue to get into the shop and a large group of us had to stand outside because we were blocking the platforms for actual commuters. After spending the morning at the station we went on to the science and natural history museums which are always good. We saw the new whale skeleton and Tim Peake’s landing module.

Thanks for reading! What did you do this summer? Leave a comment below.

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