The Conjuring 2 and Infrasound in Movies

So I just saw a ‘warning poster’ on Facebook about how you shouldn’t go and see The Conjuring 2 because viewers felt a ‘strange presence’ during the movie. This is because of the use of infrasound, not a ghostly presence. It is perfectly safe to watch this film.

Infrasound is any sound wave under 20 hertz and can be used in horror (mostly psychological horror) films to give the audience ‘the creeps’ or induce fear. It cannot be heard because it is too low-pitched but, like a low bassline in music can be felt throughout the body as a low rumbling. This is what gives you the feeling of ‘someone standing behind you’.

Like I said, infrasound begins at 20 hertz but we feel the greatest unease at 7 or 8 hertz. Infrasound has been used in many psychological horror films, especially in recent years, and I can only assume that this is what has been used in The Conjuring 2 and so,  just to reiterate, it is safe to watch this and any other horror films where these feelings occur.

To be clear: obviously, I am not affiliated with The Conjuring 2’s producers or Warner Bros I just wanted to stop some of the senseless fear-mongering. Also, infrasound is really cool.

More Info on Infrasound

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