Reasons to Stay Alive

Because sometimes we all need it…
• The feeling in your chest when you hear your favourite song
• Inside jokes
• The sound of thunder
• Laughing until you cry
• Hugs
• Late night adventures
• Plot twists in books/movies
• Finding the perfect pair of jeans
• Seeing your friends smile
• Group chats
• Re-watching kids movies
• Scented candles
• Road-trips
• Snow
• Rainbows
• Sleeping in
• Popcorn
• Seeing the end of tv shows
• Your most comfortable pj’s
• The smell of just-washed clothes
• Seeing more stars in the sky than usual
• Shapes in the clouds
• Bucket lists
• Sunrise
• Sunset
• New movies/books/music
• Baby animals
• Rollercoasters
• Water slides
• Popping bubble wrap
• Lazy days
• Learning useless facts
• Going to concerts
• Finally understanding that one thing
• When you smile/wave at a baby and they do it back
• Keeping promises
• Warm showers
• Bath bombs
• Learning new stuff
• Seeing dogs on public transport
• Bouncy castles
• Museums
• To prove you can

Stay alive friends xx

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